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Machine Workshop

The RCO Company has a modern machine workshop. Using the latest technologies, we can work extremely quickly and precisely.
We skillfully combine proven solutions with an innovative approach to the subject of furniture production.
We are happy to use technological innovations, analyse current trends and take part in exhibitions where the latest solutions are presented. Thanks to this approach, we can guarantee the highest quality and short lead times.
Front processing, milling, wrapping or painting is carried out in optimal conditions, which guarantees that the finished product meets the highest standards and does not take a long time to make.
Thanks to the use of modern, multi-functional machines, we have the ability to make many complex elements and details that older devices could certainly not cope with.
We decided to buy one of the most technologically advanced machines in Europe, thanks to which we can confidently compete with foreign manufacturers of furniture fronts.

Check what we're working on:

In our machine park there are devices from well-known and respected manufacturers - among others Companies: